Growing Cannabis With LEDs: 3 Tips From CSNJ Technology

Growing Cannabis With LEDs: 3 Tips From CSNJ Technology 

1. Install lights with 0-100% dimming capability.

Cultivators using LED lights must be able to dim the lights by any percentage when their plants are stressed or when they need to make a foliar or pesticide application. This allows them to provide optimal light levels without wasting energy.

Not all LED dimming is the same, cultivators must connect “source” equipment, which provides a signal that gets modulated, to “sink” equipment, which receives a signal. For example, they can connect a sink fixture to a source control.


CSNJ Apollo series offer 2 options. The one is to control the dimming by an external controller which is suitable for large scale cultivation, the other one is to do manually by turning the knob provided by CSNJ that is good for home growers.


2. Run the grow a little hot.

It’s suggested to keeps grow room at 79 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, 3 degrees above its leaf temperature of 75 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

Just a simple rule of thumb that it’s found that leaf temperatures tend to be lower in LED rooms compared to HID [high-intensity discharge] rooms. The difference between the air temperature and the leaf temperature is greater in LED rooms because you don't have that radiation from the lights heating up the leaves.

Temperature directly affects yield, but cultivators should also pay attention to leaf temperature so they can avoid condensation on leaves. “If the temperature of the leaf drops below the dew point of the room, then you can have condensation on the leaf, and that obviously opens the plant up to pathogens, fungal issues, stuff like that


3.Integrate all environmental controls on a single interface.

Some cultivators piecemeal their environmental controls, with a thermostat here and CO2 monitors there. “People really like to cut costs by not integrating all of their environmental controls together on a single interface,” “I think that's a mistake.”

Environmental controls affect each other, cultivators should connect them, they can graph their data and track it over time by doing this.